CoreCommerce vs Volusion

Changing the look of the store

I have criticized both shopping carts in the past for having awful templates available out of the box. CoreCommerce have made some great leaps in this regard recently and also offer FTP access which just makes life designign the templates a dream. It is so much more difficult to make a shopping cart great when you need to use some horrible pretend editor.

Price and ongoing costs

Setup fees


Ongoing  Costs

Both CoreCommerce and Volusion have packages starting at $25 a month.  For $25 a month Volusion will let you sell 25 products where CoreCommerce will let you sell 250. Hard to say they are equally proceed when you get 10 times the value. Unless you are selling just a couple of products you will need to spend a lot more money at Volusion to keep up with a similar CoreCommerce store.

Managing your store

Again the most obvious difference is the polish and finish that Volusion has given there administration areas. Volusion uses cryptic Config variable names that confuse. For instance Config_DateFormat instead of Date Format 

Neither let you easily link to other products and pages within the visual editors (like Big Commerce) 

Product Management

There is no compelling differences except that Volusion is a lot more polished. They both offer a huge number of options but CoreCommerce just looks messy. Everything is there but I get the impression that they left it to the programmers to sort out the administration screens at CoreCommerce – I love the product but it’s about time they brought in a designer or two to give the product the front-end it deserves.


I won’t carry on too much about features- they change so frequently and are very closely matched that the paragraph would be old and dated before you read it.


Both need work, but CoreCommerce has the edge on Volusion in terms of Search Engine Optimisation features and tools. I won’t bore you with too many details here but URL structure, canonical URL support and URL rewrites put CoreCommerce out in front. If you 

Business Reports

Both are well equipped depending on how you like your reports. CoreCommerce comes bundled with a large number of reports, whereas Volusion comes with a great report builder that lets you basically build whatever report you could want.

General Annoyances

CoreCommerce in an effort to increase security will automatically log you out of the admin panel after 15 minutes (it does display a warning before hand though) – I understand the theory behind it, but are there really a group of people managing online stores from public computers? This “feature” seems to be for the sake of adding a feature rather than to satisfy any particular need. I am happy to be told I am wrong though.

I know it is small and petty (but it does suggest a lack of quality control that concerns me from a shopping cart vendor) is the mis-spelling of Melborene (should be Melbourne) in the timezone lists. Like I said, very minor thing but surprising it has been there so long and not been fixed.

Stability and Longevity

Both products have been around for years and are working actively with there respective communities – there is no way to split them based on how long they have been operating and how long we can expect them to be operating, you are safe as houses whichever one you choose.

The Verdict

Need a custom design created? CoreCommerce

In a competitive industry? CoreCommerce

Complex Products and Product Variations? Volusion

Preference for easy to use, good looking programs? Volusion

Want iPhone/Mobile Phone support? CoreCommerce

Want value for money? CoreCommerce

Want the simplest choice? CoreCommerce

Want powerful business reporting? Volusion

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